Sunday, 11 December 2016


By Sylvester Gawi

Papua New Guinea's disciplinary forces have been criticized by the public for many wrong reasons.
Police Brutality has cost the police department more than K30million in the last five years and more damages are done to the reputation of police officers across the country.
The Correctional Service also faces similar resentments. Prison facilities like Buimo have reported about four major breakouts since 2012 and several inmates were seriously injured while attempting to escape.
The Defence Force is becoming the most feared unit of armed forces in a democratic country. Several young men were assaulted and a few have died while getting treatments in PNG's rundown hospitals. 
But that is not the end of brutality in PNG, another civilian was punched, kicked and severely beaten by PNGDF Navy personnel in Madang.

PNG's so called disciplined forces are at it again. 

Simon Merton wrote on his Facebook page
"Last night whilst on our way home home we encountered a large group of drunk Navy personnel from Boat 04 who were brawling and blocking the street outside a night club next door to where I work and reside. When I asked them to move off the road so we could pass through they proceeded to assault me and my family. We ran into the gate of the night club for protection and these guys climbed the fence and overpowered the security guards that were trying to protect us.
These guys were so out of control that when Police arrived to assist us that they immediately turned and assaulted the Police as well. We managed to get away whilst they were distracted with the Police otherwise they would have killed me for sure.
Police returned with reinforcements later only to find that apparently the so called soldiers had been rounded up by their CO, went back to their boat, pulled anchor and departed Madang, preventing the arrest of these rogue animals.

For only trying to go home with my family I now have a fractured eye socket and cheek bone, two very black and swollen eyes as well as multiple bruises on my face. Most of my injuries were sustained on my face / head whilst I was still sitting in the car.
Whilst I commend the actions of the Seafarers club security staff in their efforts to protect me and my family, the club needs to be shut down. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings there is constant brawling by drunks in the street who harass, abuse and sometimes assault innocent public who are trying to go home or go to work. This maybe the first time I was assaulted but I have witnessed many more assaults on the public previously on many occasions."

NOTE: This post has been shared with full authorization of the victim. The author is not responsible for any public opinion that derives from this article.

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  1. Total disgrace to a democracy. When can we PNG citizen and visitors living in PNG see true democracy? When we see, hear, read or been told by friends about such brutality from people who by oaths have pledge to protect the people and the nation. Disciplinary top guns should be calling for their man in all law enforcing disciplines commands and control to take charge with accountability. When there is no accountability anyone can do anything and gets away with it.