Wednesday, 18 April 2018


In light of all the criticisms levelled against journalist, reporters and freelance bloggers on Facebook, I would like to share a bit of my story on my short journey through this job as a media personal.

This story aims at putting to rest doubts and questions people have been having regarding my career and how I have reacted against the wishes of many people who I've surround myself with.

My story will only give a short insight into who I am and how I have struggled to have come from barely nothing; no qualifications but have worked my way through to be where i am.

After all, I am going back to school to further my studies and to enhance my skills on what I love doing. I hope someone who is reading this would be inspired not to give up in life.

First of all, I come from a family where I lost one of my parent in 2009 when I was doing my Grade 12 studying Economics and History. I had so much interest in media and journalism but could not further my studies because of no financial support. I applied for a job as a radio broadcaster in 2011 with a local radio station, got accepted and worked with them for over a year. During my time as a broadcaster at FM Morobe, I usually do news translations and sometimes present news bulletins.

In 2012, I was recommended to work for PNGFM, a company that owns three of the biggest commercial radio stations in my country. I worked as their Lae base journalist covering news and sports for their radio news bulletins. During my term with PNGFM, I have learnt alot of new things, attended a couple of media trainings and built my passion from then.

In 2014, I joined EMTV as crime and sports journalist. Two different things that involve people of my age (youths) and most of these people come from the type of upbringing that I came through. I personally taught myself that third world journalism must be all about positivity and creating the change and pathway for the development of my young nation. When I report on crimes I highlight the need for job employment, cash flow issues and the effects of an education system that leaves a lot of people out of job. Some of these young people turned to crime as their only means of getting some money, while other chose their hobbies like sports to keep themselves busy. My life experiences growing up from a shanty settlement on the fringes of Lae City also inspired me to write a blog titled "My Land - Graun Blong Mi" which talks about everyday Papua New Guineans and we can learn from our downsides.

In 2015, I left EMTV and joined the National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea (the most trusted news agency in PNG). It was a dream come true for me. I always wanted to work for NBC when I was at school. I am now working as a Provincial News and Sports Journalist for NBC Radio and Television. I produce my own stories for both mediums and as well write for my blog.

I always want to write stories that give a bit of insight into our traditional ways of doing things and how western influence has affected our way of life. I see that from my struggles growing in a settlement, I want to be an inspiration to fellow young people that no dream is too big if one is passionate about achieving his/her goals in life. I would not say I have achieved my goals in life, but I still trying my best to work my way towards my goal and that is get into a college an dfurther my education.

Thankyou and God bless you for your time in reading this.

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  1. Good story bro. You'll be an inspiration and role model to some PNGians who thinks life has given out on them.