Thursday, 22 June 2017


By Anna Skate

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify one important detail with all of you good people here. William Jnr Skate does not speak for the entire Skate family and as far as anyone of us is concerned including my widowed, ex-life member for PNC, mother - Lady Rarua Skate, this ceremony is a slap in the face. It is a slap in the face to the people of Hanuabada, for a road that cuts through their land I cannot seem to understand why PNC opted to use the name of my late father when there are so many great leaders from Hanuabada that contributed in more ways then one to the prosperity of their people and their country. Mauru Rarua Rarua, Dadi Toka Jnr, Sir Sinaka Guava, Boe Vagi and Pipi Gari to name a few. 

This is nothing more then propaganda, propaganda to fish for grass root votes. My late father who Peter O'Neil removed from PNC, revoked his governorship and left him a backbencher up until his passing is rolling in his grave.

If you want to use the first Papuan Prime Minister's name for the purpose of naming landmarks, you make sure whatever landmark you choose is of significant value to the entire country and more importantly you make certain his wife and the rest of his children give you their blessings. William Jnr Skate is not Willian Jack SKATE Snr! He is his son and I am his daughter, our father has passed and we are survived by our mother and if you promote equality among genders then she holds equal status to her husband. Why she was not apart of this ceremony does not affect her one bit, what does is the fact that PNC can at choosing throw around her husbands name and title and use it as a marketing tool for self gratification. 

She is also a proud Motu Koitabuan woman and believes that if any name was to be given to that stretch of road it rightfully belonged to a leader from Hanuabada. 

For the record the Skate family is no longer affiliated with PNC, only William Jnr is. We have seen the direction PNC has taken during the years and it no longer represents nor does it hold true to its purpose and core. My father created a party that was supposed to thrive alongside it's people. Today PNC thrives without the people, and I for one will hold true to my values and principles and not allow myself to flourish at the expense of my integrity.
It is saddening to see that so many people who my father held close to heart can give praise and recognition to the very man that removed him from his own party. When opportunity determines your loyalty, then there is something seriously wrong with your character.
I bid you all a safe election, god bless na tok idai.


A 24kilometre four-lane highway from Badihagwa to 9mile in Port Moresby was opened just before polling commences in Papua New Guinea. The project was said to have costed K318million to built and was named after former PNG Prime Minister and Peoples National Congress Party (PNC) founder Sir William Jack "Bill" Skate.

This project was funded through concessional loans from the Exim Bank of China  which will be repaid within 25 years at an interest rate of 2%. The contract was again awarded to China Harbour Engineering Company with the highway project being part of the 2015 NCDC Urban Development Plan.
While the cost of constructing this road may have raised some eyebrows given the state of the economy of PNG, economists have also issued warnings on the National Government's over borrowing and inflated costs involving projects.

Many people still question why the Highlands Highway was neglected for over 40years and the Bulolo-Menyamya road which drives PNG's economy through coffee and gold mines. Even the Lae-Madang and Bogia Highway which connects the Momase region has been overlooked and monies being put into building roads and bridges which brings no economic benefit for Papua New Guinea.

The Kookaburra flyover from Jacksons Airport into Waigani was initially a K80million project but was built at an inflated cost of K161million. Where did the other K81million gone to?

There are several other infrastructure projects in NCD and some other parts of the country that were built at inflated costings. Even in Lae City a kilometer of concrete road was built at a cost of K1million. We have the Lae-Nadzab four-lane highway yet to be completed and delivered to the people.

There are many other projects initiated under the current and previous governments that were built at very high costs, but the quality of work is of substandard. PNG Government continues to award Chinese contractors who bring in their own truck divers and other skilled jobs that Papua New Guineans can do.

This is the only time Papua New Guineans can vote out corruption in the government. Vote wisely this election to see fair distribution of wealth to all parts of the country and create wealth and empowerment of people.


Picture Courtesy of PNG TV Facebook Page

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

LAND GRABBING AND CORRUPTION - Papuan Compound Playing Field Saga (Part 1)

Who would have wanted to get the title to a land owned by a community as their playing field for more than 60years? Who would have facilitated for a recreational land to be rezoned into a light industrial area so that the title can be issued to suit a person's business interest? Who would have bypassed the provincial lands board to have corrupt lands officers in Port Moresby to facilitate the issuing of it's title?

Obviously not someone who cares about development for the greater benefit of the city residents. Someone who doesn't care about the procedures and authorities in place to facilitate legal and transparent documents to obtain a land title.

The Papuan Compound community came to realise that their land was taken over by a certain Lae businessman in 2014. A petition was put together by the community, including the Milfordhaven Primary School administration who also uses the field to conduct their Physical education lessons. The petition was presented to then Morobe Deputy Governor Judas Nalau and relevant authorities for the land title to be revoked and the land given back to the community.

The community also took a court preventive order to stop any development on their playing field. Youths and members of the community also warned that anyone carrying out development on their playing field using that illegal title will be manhandled.

That same year, investigations revealed that a clerk in the Provincial lands office has fraudulently issued the title to the developer. The lands officer was terminated and the Papuan Compound land issue was put to rest since then.

In May 2017, the community was informed that a court order has been issued by the developer to have the land freed up for development. I was reliably informed that certain officers in the National Lands Office have proceeded to rezoned the Papuan compound field from a recreational area to a light industrial land area. Which allows for commercial development to be carried out on the land.

The Morobe Provincial lands office was unaware of how the land area was rezoned. Every land title application have to be processed in the provincial lands board before it goes to the National lands office.

A follow up on this issue was done by members of the community and the provincial lands board with the acting National Lands Secretary Mr Tiri Wanga. The Lands Secretary is yet to advise the community of Papuan Compound on what actions he is taking to address this issue and or preferably revoke the title being issued to the Lae businessman.

I was also reliably informed that the secretary has recommended that the developer conditionally surrenders the title to the lands department and be given an alternative land allotment in Lae or the Provincial lands board will proceed with revoking his title.

Whichever the outcome, I would still suggest that those corrupt lands officers involved in facilitating corruption in the National Lands office must be investigated and terminated. Their actions have spoken volumes of how they have been circumventing legal processes by accepting bribery to issue land titles.

If the Minister for Lands is also implicated in this mess, let him come out and explain to the community of Papuan Compound and the people of Lae and Papua New Guinea on why they are facilitating for illegal land grabbing.

In the next part of this report, I will be providing evidences of court documents and other papers which have been illegally obtained through fraudulent means, by bypassing provincial authorities and dealing illegally officers in Port Moresby.

The Papuan Compound playing field is being used by the community for sports and recreational purposes. With land grabbing issues on the rise in Lae and across Papua New Guinea, playing fields have also being illegally obtained titles by individuals.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


I am writing this with great empathy for ordinary Papua New Guineans living in Lae City, people from all provinces and cross-sections of communities in Morobe. I was born and raised in Lae and am so proud to call Morobe my home for the last 26-years.

I may not be where I am if I haven’t attended a school in Lae, use medical facilities here and of course found a job that represents the voices of the Morobe people.

Elections have come and go every five years, but our people still carry sick patients and walk for several hours (sometimes days) to receive medical treatment.

In Lae city, housing, employment and law and order continues to affect families everyday. Whom do we blame? Ourselves, we have been voting in the wrong people all the time who cannot get their priorities right and even fight to develop our place.

This election we have a good number of credible candidates contesting the Lae Open seat. We have Sir Nagora Bogan, a highly qualified Ahi man who has served at high level capacities with experiences in economics and politics. We have Sir Bob Sinclair, a Lae based businessman who spent almost half of his life in Lae. We have John Rosso, a home-grown businessman who grew up in the settlements of Lae to now own a chain of companies. A great philanthropist who has assisted so many people from all communities in Lae. Micah Vines Parimani, a civil engineer by profession who was behind several multi-million projects in the Nations Capital.

From the Ahi communities, we have a total of 11 candidates contesting. Vocal candidates like Michael Earley-Daure, Mala Stephen Ahi, Hiob Awagasi and others. With due respect to the Ahis, they deserve to have a say on the political level given the case that their traditional land has been used by the government to have Lae City. One thing I fear is they might split up their chances of having one of their own son or daughter retaining the seat. But that can only be confirmed through the ballot papers.

There are lots of other candidates who have sound policies to develop and transform the lives of ordinary people in Lae. There are also candidates who have spent their lives growing up, getting married and have established business and family relations with Morobeans.

Our country has a debt level of K24billion. That means every individual Papua New Guinean will have to pay around K3000 each to bail PNG out of this economic debt. PNG is literally broke. The K15million District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) grant is insufficient to solve all our problems and issues in Lae.

Lae City generates a lot of money from internal revenue into its coffers. Every year, Lae makes K110million in internal revenue alone. For example, Riback Stevedores pays the Lae City Council K400,000 every month as rental for the Lae old airport container yard. Where does all these monies go to?

This election, vote with your conscience, don’t sell your votes for alcohol, food or money. Think about your children and analyse your candidates of choice and vote very wisely.