Wednesday, 29 June 2016


By Chief Supt Joseph Tondop - PPC Jiwaka

Two wrongs can not make one right.This barbaric and cowardice act of killing a defenseless student at UOT is condemned in the strongest term possible. We understood the student issues well and public support was there.

However, prolonged boycotting of classes, police shooting unarmed students leading to more violence and, killing and destruction of State properties valued well over millions of kina has overtaken key issues you stood and fought for. Public support is diminishing faster at least for now. My advice to students at UPNG, UOG and UOT is that you need public support to achieve your mission. For you to remain on cause you must fear two things. 1. Fear the Lord your God and, 2. Fear the rule of Law. If you think you are above you have mistaken and nothing is going to work for you.

As future leaders you need to study the bible for wisdom and see what the it says in respect to issues affecting the country and how you can realign your battle plans to defeat the enemy. The bible is very clear. No earthly Government will ever be perfect to address current issues that you are fighting for. Corruption at all levels, killings and other issues affecting the world now will increase at an unprecedented rate. PNG is no exception. These are signs of the last days that the bible had said. You must not be complacent but remain determined in the fight with the power of God. "Tolerating evil leads only to more evil. And when good people stand by and do nothing while wickedness reigns their communities will be consumed, Bob Reiley".

Despite test of times, God is still in control and he takes action in his own timing. God is a God of mercy to everyone including PM Peter O'neil. Therefore whatever and however you want to correct the wrong you have to taken action in accordance with God's will.

It is not easy to fight corruption in this country now, tomorrow and in the future. It is deeply rooted in the government systems starting at the village level. Even continued silence from churches, NGO's, Unions and MPs is deafening. If you are not careful and God fearing now you students as leaders tomorrow can be easily sucked into the under currents of corruption and soon forget the very reasons you stood for and and fought for and on behalf of the silent voice. As intellectuals you are required to think hard, fast and act smart and invent new ideas to fight corruption in all fronts with God in mind. There is no better time to fight corruption then the next 12 months before June 2017 if you really want to take back PNG.

With the fear of God in mind you must next fear the law and respect the due processes of administration and it's enforcement. God is spiritual. He will not come down in physical form to communicate with you. He uses people to communicate a way forward.

I urge you students to fear and respect the rule of law for greater good and unity of all mand kind. You are demanding PM Peter O'neil to step down and submit to the law but he is unwilling as he says the same matters are before the court. The court processes have been somewhat too slow but that is not an excuse for you to go against the law in frustration because the law is supreme.

Under the circumstances you have limitations but you can still win with the peoples' support. Your mission remains unchanged but you need to change the strategies before and in preparation for 2017 National Elections.

But in the interim it has become necessary for you to return to classes after a proper peace and reconciliation is held with parties involved in the next few days to complete the academic year. This is urgent. God bless in your future endeavours

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