Wednesday, 31 January 2018


More than 500 people displaced by the Kadawar Volcanic Disaster in East Sepik province wants the government to provide a permanent resettlement area.

Kadawar village councillor Stanley Muren has welcomed the Government's commitment to bring normalcy to their plight, but also wants immediate actions to acquire land for their resettlement.

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird and Wewak MP Kevin Isifu have both made commitments to deliver permanent resettlement for the affected people.

Men, women and children from Kadawar Island have camped at the Dandan care centre in Turubu on the Eastern coast of Wewak. Health officials at the Dandan Care Centre in East Sepik province have reported shortages of medical drugs to treat patients.

Since January 11th , health workers have been doing their best to contain health complications and prevented possible outbreak of viral diseases.

People will be affected if medical drugs run out.

Relief supplies through donations from people and organisations across Papua New Guinea and abroad have sustained their livelihoods for the last three weeks.

Life at the care centre at Dandan is quite challenging for many. Stanley Muren, the ward councillor for Kadawar told NBC News that they need a permanent land for resettlement.

Clean water for cooking, drinking and sanitation is one of their many challenges.

The East Sepik provincial Government is doing it's best to bring normalcy to their plight.

Governor Allan Bird says the provincial government will support the Wewak District to provide assistance to their plight.

"We are doing our best to at least bring back normally to the plight of Kadawar islanders, say Governor Bird.

The National Executive Council (NEC) has handed over resettlement responsibilities to the Wewak District to facilitate. The National Government has also committed K2million to the National Disaster Office to assist in the resettlement.

Wewak MP and Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu says a permanent resettlement area is in the priority list for the affected people. I Minister Isifu says he will be taking a bill to the National Executive Council (NEC) to revisit the Manam Restoration Authority Act.

Minister Isifu who also oversees the operation of disaster and emergency response says the plight of the Manam people has been an ongoing issue for decades.

With issues on the resettlement of displaced people from the Kadawar volcano in East Sepik, Minister Isifu says there must be laws to ensure the Manam and Kadawar Restoration Authorities are functioning.

Kadawar Islanders at Dandan are still rebuilding their lives. Relief supplies are short term assistance, but they say if given a land they will be self reliant in rebuilding their homes and gardens.

Will the government let Kadawar become the next Manam? Will the government live up to it's commitment to provide a permanent solution to their plight?

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  1. Indeed the Government should have a resettlement arrangement for people affected by volcanic eruptions for PNG...maybe through an act of paliarment..