Monday, 9 April 2018

BRIAN ALOIS - PNG's Professional Engineer Suspended After Highlighting Inflated Road Contracts

Last night I wrote a post on Facebook saying "When you stand for the truth, you will stand alone" after media houses released news on former Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah being recommended to be dismissed by the Leadership tribunal.

This morning another strange news was posted. PNG Institute of Engineers Presidnet Brian Alois who is the Regional Works Manager - Momase was suspended by the Works Department.

Papua New Guinea National Research Institute Director Paul Barker wrote this on his wall;

Paul Baker: What a Week for PNG Professionals!?

Brian Alois is one of PNG's professionals of integrity, of whom the country should be proud.. Speaking as President of the Engineers' professional body, he was addressing the recent National Planning Consultative Summit and highlighting how the PNG Government is paying well in excess of what it should for road construction and maintenance projects. This is consistent with other independent reports that highlight that PNG invariably pays on the basis of precedent  ( and deficient tendering processes) from previous inflating contracts prices, rather than the genuine cost plus a reasonable markup.

B Alois mentioned the recent 1/3 km road in NCD which cost some K80 million ( a pretty extraordinary blow out in costs from, say a K40 million EU contract in 1996 to Downers for upgrading and sealing almost the entire length of the Madang Highway to Waterais!)
So, for helping PNG raise its standards, save its population tens of millions and better ensuring a sustainable infrastructure, not just in downtown NCD, and exposing wrongdoing/malpractice, for which he should be a national hero, it seems the Works Dept has, instead, chosen to suspend him...  This sends a pretty strange message..

What a week..! Where an anti-GBV violence policewoman is viciously attacked by her jealous ex-boyfriend and policeman and speaks out, and the head of the engineers's professional body is suspended for trying to raise standards...Strange place.

PNG's first female engineer Finkewe Zurenuoc says;

Brian Alois has done more audits on road infrastructures in PNG than anyone else in DOW, he knows what he is talking about. Let the truth be told. The truth does hurt.

The IEPNG is supporting our President Brian Alois. He spoke on our behalf.


Brian Alois spoke the truth during his presentation in-front of Works Secretary David Wereh and other Government Ministers and Departmental Heads. His presentation was straight forward and was clear enough for anyone to understand.

I remember Brian also did a presentation in 2014 during an engineers conference in Lae. He did a cost analysis on the Lae roads. His explanation was pretty simple and was directed as challenges to engineers.

Picture courtesy of Post Courier online


  1. Wow!
    Where do we go from here as leaders of this country if we can't be honest with how we spend our tax payers hard earned contributions?

    I am proud of you Mr Brian Alois for speaking the truth! PNG needs more patriotic citizens like you.

    The DoW cannot say that your suspension is because of your outspoken honesty.

  2. Interesting indeed. What reason would DoW Secretary give?

  3. Seems like all funds are going to non-professional construction companies owned by cronies of PMPO. I just watch it all go down to the money-hungry cronies who do not care about quality...

  4. Bring him back! Shame on whoever instigated this! Was it Wereh???

  5. That's "something fishy". No wonder the country's development is at a snail's pace. DOW has to be precise in explaining upon its decision to suspend Brian Alois. As a Papua New Guinean engineering student, It creeps me out to work in such an environment.

  6. Peter Oneill and Wareh, yu where?

  7. It is sad to see of his suspension.

  8. So much of corrupt deals going on and we don't seem to exel with our nations development in all aspects. When someone stands for the truth it never works out. When is this gonna end?

    I see foreigners operating bulldozers, excavators and other equipments & plants to which I don't see the reason why when our very own citizens can do the job. So what,the government just graduate its citizens to go carry spade and hold go stop signs on construction sites?

    When I see an expatriate operating a machine gives me the hint that out labour department don't care of its unemployed population. Its not regulating any better condition of contract of employment for its citizens. So we remain unemployed while foreigners work for us get what they need through corrupt personels and move on while we talk about unemployment year in year out.

    A very simple infrastructure development estimated so high is incredible. Mr B. Alois speaking out this matter really has to do with everyone in the high positions of DOW including responsible ministers. K80m for 1.3km is ridiculous estimate. This really gives young generation of engineers a struggle to start their career whether to start in the dark clouds of corruption or bright clear sky. I really don't understand PNG.

  9. He was a practicle warrior, applied, not keyboard warrior, show ur actions and support in public, not behind a keyboard in cyber space!

  10. Having someone like Brian as Secretary for Works could result in major savings and improved and sustained road infrastructure.

  11. For goodness sack, you cant protect corruption. Enough is enough. Bring Brain back. Wereh should hold his head in shame if he is responsible for Brian's suspension. We need to do the right thing to safeguard our country. No one is
    going to do it for us.

  12. PNG is a democratic state, non of bureaucrats or citizens should be silenced for speaking out about any national issue. Everyone has the right to speak up for what is right, it's called Freedom of Speech. What a shame!

  13. Bring back Brian tru blooded PNG...

  14. Bring back Brian tru blooded PNG...

  15. This is seriously a laughing stalk..., and displays inadequacy process of ones thoughts process when executing any form of decision and the after action by the so-called authorities from the Dept of Works, displays clearly a childish behaviour and approach to this situation and make one wonders what caliber has he in this position having execute such a fail decision? That person requires further investigation and reinstate Brian Alois.... it's not sound....

  16. Brian is a professional Engineer with vast experience and he knows what he is saying.All roads projects awarded to contractors should be properly audited externally.

  17. People in Madang / Ramu road needs help such Brian Alois with you.

  18. Suppression of speaking out corruption at its best. People in power using the power to deprive and suppress ordinary citizens. God bless you Brain